MBDS: GeoChat

GeoChat Manual Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance (MBDS)

I would like to express my gratitude for the courtesy of several people for their contribution in the completion of this document: “GeoChat Manual”. Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. Sok Touch, Country Coordinator & Lead ICT Strategy Coordinator, Director of CDC, MOH, MBDS Cambodia; Dr. Dennis Israelski, Vice President, InSTEDD for their thoughtful guidences and support for my carreer, Mr. Eduado Jezierski, Mr. Nicolas di Tada, Mr. Sergio Medina and all the members of InSTEDD Developer Team for their contribution to GeoChat.

I also would like to thank Mr. Klaikong Vaidhayakarn, Change Fusion; Mr. Patipat Susumpow, Open Dream and all the other team members for their great help training GeoChat at MBDS Cross-Border sites in Thailand. Finally, I would really appriciate Dr. Moe Ko Oo, MBDS Coordinator for all of his support and encourage me to complete this manual.

GEOChat Training Guide Show
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